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Reduce Swelling/Edema      Boost Immune System          Reduce Pain                          Improve Energy

Reduce Bruising                    Cellular Detoxification

Recover from surgery faster




Your lymphatic system has both superficial and deep pathways of lymphatic vessels and collectors. When stimulating your superficial lymphatic system, which lives directly in the skin layer, you need to be able to stretch the skin in order to facilitate a change in the lymphatic collectors.  The lymph motion mitt is a tool that provides an effective means of achieving maximal skin stretch to increase lymph uptake. 

The lymph motion mitt uses a patent-pending design that promotes maximal skin stretch using a high co-efficient of friction material that grips the skin and prevents sliding or gliding.  Much more effective than using your hand.  Accompanied by a printed and instructional guide video library, this system gives you the tools required to stimulate your lymphatic system for a variety of health and wellness benefits.

The hidden secret to health is your lymphatic system. Let’s check out the role it plays in our bodies

If you didn't have a functioning lymphatic system, we would pollute our bodies to death in 48 hours!!

#1. Your lymphatic system is your fluid regulation system. It is responsible for, along with the cardiovascular system, balancing the fluid levels in your body.  When someone has excess water in the tissues, i.e., swelling or edema, the lymphatic system has an immense role in removing the water and returning it to the cardiovascular system for elimination.  Manual lymphatic drainage is the GOLD standard for stimulating the lymphatic system to increase its normal speed to expediate this process.

#2. Your lymphatic system is your waste transport system. It is the only system that collects all the waste, crud, crap and debris that is floating between all of your cells. I like to say, just like we poop, our cells poop and dump this waste between our cells. Your lymphatic system is responsible for up taking this waste and cellular debris and bringing it to your lymph nodes for processing and filtering. Manual lymphatic drainage is a powerful tool for cellular detoxification and cleansing our bodies of the harmful things we put in it and on it!

#3. Your lymphatic system is your immune system. It is the system that is circulating your white blood cells, finding the foreign invaders, whether it be viruses, pathogens, bacteria, cancer cells and/or germs.  Those cells then tag the invaders and bring them back to the lymph nodes for elimination and mounting your body’s immune response.


Stimulating your lymphatic system not only has great benefits to sick folks, but also to the healthy folks who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and well-being and prevent stagnant fluid buildup that can lead to disease. 

DISCLAIMER: For advanced training and guidance with complicated health concerns and large amounts of edema (lymphedema), please consult your physician or a certified lymphedema professional. This guide is not intended to replace or treat/cure medical problems, diseases and/or disorders.

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