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Abby Maleport is a LANA certified lymphedema therapist and licensed massage therapist who has many years of experience in lymphatic health.  She has used her skills to treat patients with lymphedema, lipedema, chronic venous insufficiency, pain, fibromyalgia, swelling, auto-immune disorders and post-surgical patients (cosmetic and orthopedic) to name a few.  As part of her treatment approach, teaching self-care and self-management is important. However, over the years it became very clear that it is difficult to teach the general public the basic skin stretching approach needed for lymphatic stimulation, leaving patients and clients alike with reduced efficiency in their self-care routine. This is when the idea occurred to create a tool that would make the technique “dummy proof” in a sense.  As a licensed health care professional, I can’t teach all of my skills and knowledge; however, I was able to create a massage tool and a basic technique accompanied by an instructional guide that will improve the efficacy of my clients' self-care routine. My product will also offer a way for the general public to take advantage of the wide health benefits of stimulating one's lymphatic system.

Abby has used her skills as a certified lymphedema therapist since 2017. After working in the healthcare setting she decided to open her own business, Fluid Motion Massage, LLC to allow her to reach and help more people using manual lymphatic drainage. Abby has been wildly successful in using these skills; check out some of the reviews:

“I absolutely loved my experience with Abby. She educated me as soon as I sat down. Communication was excellent! I enjoyed the massage and the benefits were almost immediate. That evening I had a boost of energy and also felt mental clarity. It was just like I “knew” my immune system was thanking me. Looking forward to seeing her again!”

“Abby was very knowledgeable and shared her knowledge so I knew what to expect my 1st time. I immediately could breathe clearly through my nose after. My whole body felt relieved and relaxed afterward. Definitely recommend for anyone who suffers with congestion, allergies, inflammation! Thanks Abby.”

“Abby is very smart!!! She knows what she is doing!! She explains everything to you in detail...about the massage, how it's helping your body, what the massage does to your body, how your body is responding, etc... I personally feel that her massages helped my healing process and expedited the healing as well.”

“I went in to get a Lymphatic massage. I was really tired after having a child and nursing so I thought flushing out the toxins would help. I have actually felt amazing two weeks past the massage and have a lot of energy, I really credit it to the massage. Thanks Abby!”

Can you imagine if you had a tool that allowed you to get these same great benefits from home!  Using the LYMPH MOTION MITT, which teaches a basic lymphatic drainage technique, you just might have the answer you are looking for.

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