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Yes, generally speaking, lymphatic drainage massage is safe for most people to perform. There are a few contraindications which include those with active/untreated cancer, active infection/cellulitis, renal failure/severe kidney disease, congestive heart failure, blood clots in the past two months, unexplained abdominal pain, pregnancy, or foot fungus. Please consult your physician if are unsure.

Your lymphatic system is just as important as your cardiovascular system. If we didn't have a functioning lymphatic system, we would pollute ourselves to the point of death within 48 hours. You see, all of our bodily functions and cellular interactions create and produce waste. This waste is just dumped in between all of our cells. I like to say, "just like we poop, our cells poop too". That waste is only collected by the lymphatic system.

Stimulating your lymphatic system through self-massage speeds up the process of cleansing our bodies! Not to mention stagnant fluid and waste left to collect in our bodies can lead to some nasty symptoms as well as disease processes. Some symptoms you may experience if you have a sluggish lymphatic system include:

  • fluid retention and swelling

  • fatigue

  • bloating

  • digestive issues

  • fatty deposits

  • brain fog

  • skin issues

Some of the disorders or diseases that can be directly related to lymphatic dysfunction include:

  • lymphedema

  • lipedema

  • wounds

  • chronic venous insufficiency

  • IBS

  • Auto-immune disorders

  • MS

  • cancer metastasis

  • rheumatoid arthritis

Let's think about a body of water, and let's face it, our body is made up of 60% water. Would you rather have a stagnant swamp? Or a flowing stream?

Get your LYMPH MOTION MITT today so you can keep your lymphatic system like a flowing stream!

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